why do you stay?

because i love him

but he’s breaking your heart.
i know
so why do you stay?
because i love him…
and we turn away
always searching for the light
even in the breaking
we do
because girls
with too much heart
become women
who run on empty
filling all the places
they said “no” to
with anything but feeling
with anything but the knowing
that you were willing
to abandon everything (even you)
for a love
that was undeniably

you look happy, she said
with a look that was clearly confused
oh i am, i said
in my way
i’m happy
you see (i said
leaning in
as one does
when about to tell a secret)
i make myself stronger
by fighting with the wind

and she looked at me
with just the slightest
touch of pity
dear one, she said
you know that
it doesn’t always
need to be
a fight, right?
not everything
needs to be a war

oh i said
now feeling her care
caress me as the sun does
invisible but real
life giving
and so generous
i see
thank you
thank you for reminding me (so kindly)
to love me too…

❤️emily joy rosen

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