by far
one of hardest things
for me to do
is forgive myself
for the places i feel
i went dark in the past
(the places where i lost it,
freaked, attacked, lied to
or hurt another)

as we grow and change,
it can be painful to look
at how we have shown up
in the past

i have seen this in my work,
with clients, students
(and in my own life,
for sure)
where a new awareness
has us harshly judging our past
where a pivotal insight
has us feeling ashamed
or embarrassed
of how we have acted before

it’s not so easy
(this being human)
be gentle with yourself
yes, but also
always strive
to do better (be better)

i often find
that the best apology
is to actually

kindness helps
deep breaths matter
and when in doubt,
love first
(actually, always
love first,
act second)

and then
do better
yes, that
now that you
know better
do better
be better

insist on that
(for yourself
and those
around you)

devote yourself
to not just understanding
but changing

❤️ emily joy rosen

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