come back stronger (always
and forever insist
on coming back stronger
or at the very least
smarter, wiser…)

this is my commitment
(to myself)

this is the promise i made
(so very many years ago)

this is the vow
i made when i was worried
(truly concerned)
i was not going to be okay
(that i was not going to be able
to make it through…)

but resilient i am
if there is one thing
i know for sure
(about myself)
it is, that
i will find the good,
i will make sure i learn
(what i need to learn)
and no matter what
i endure (or encounter)
i will use everything i can
the pain
the betrayals
the shatterings
(even the chaos
and uncertainty)
as an opportunity to grow
grow stronger
more capable
more true
more and more
(to me)

yes, that
that is where i find
the most peace
that is where i know
the most harmony

in this
i can keep
independent of what
anyone else might
say or do
i can keep
this promise
to me
for me
with me

yes this
is where
i remember
what matters
most to me

this is
what has me living
most congruently
least avoidantly
and most

…even when i feel done
even when the temptation
is to shut the door
yes even than
this is the promise
i keep
with me
for me
with me

❤️ emily joy rosen

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