sometimes eyes meet
and you know
you have lost the same thing

you know they too
have felt terror
so deep
it rattled
what was previously unshakable

and you know
they know
what it is like
to feel you are losing everything

and you know
they know
the panic
of not knowing
if this time
you will be okay
of not knowing
if this time
you will make it through

some of us are just stronger
I think
some of us can
fight longer
try harder
care deeper
love fiercer

and some of us
get arrogant and high
on how easily we can
make magic
on how we can hook another
with penetrating eyes
and words dripping in intimacies

so when worlds collide
and we make someone’s somethings
mean something to us
we change
on the inside

and sometimes that goes
so sweetly
and sometimes it goes
so poorly

because when we let someone in
because we make their words mean
what we want them to mean
we are living in fantasy

and fantasy
while certainly a delightful place
to escape to
is no place to live
and most definitely
not a place to trust
our hearts

so we learn to share reality
and we learn to meet
in the places we once filled
with penetrating pleasantries
in attempts to keep the thing
we have now lost

because sometimes
you meet someone who has lost
the same thing
and you no longer have to explain
why you quiver when close
why you cry at the good
why you have trouble trusting
even yourself

and the emptiness begins to fill
because you know
they know

 ❤️ emily joy rosen

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