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what if nothing changes. what if this is always it. what if this is your body, this is your face, this is your job, this is your lover, this is your home forever. i think we might be addicted to our dream… | Secret Keepers by Emily Joy Rosen

what if nothing changes
what if this is always it
what if
this is your body
this is your face
this is your job
this is your lover
this is your home

i think we might be addicted
to our dreams
and not the ones that come
with eyes closed
but the ones we plaster
on poster boards
and adorn our bedroom mirrors with

and i am wondering
if all this fantasizing
keeps us okay
with the fact
that we actually hate
our current reality
but can’t seem to get ourselves
to do much of anything differently
except for dream louder

so we
get bigger vision boards
and buy crystals that promise healing
say we’re manifesting
while scrolling through our social media feed
take breaks from work we didn’t do
buying courses we never go through

telling stories about our life
we wish were true

only to wake up on monday
in the same bed
with the same person
to drive to the same job
while eating all the things
we swore off sunday night
while listening to yet another inspiring podcast
that only makes it clear
there must be something wrong with us
because they said
“if i can do it, so can you”
as if saying that makes it true

what you can do
has so very little
to do with what i can do
and anyone preaching
that as a reason
to do something
isn’t someone
i would listen to

i really wish the blind
were not leading the blind

it’s scary to me
that so many of the people teaching people
how to make money online
are making their money teaching people
how to make money online
often barely making money online

it’s disturbing to me
that people are insisting
that what worked for their health
is a template for healing

it’s absurd to me
that people who have never been
in a long term relationship
are teaching about
how to have an amazing life partnership

it’s embarrassing to me
that the self help industry
has been reduced to check lists
and slogans
memes and empty promising

it’s dangerous
out there
it seems to me

so maybe
instead of out
you go in

yes that…
maybe just for a minute
we stop thinking about
all the things to change
and make better
all the things we want
and wish for

and appreciate
what is
be honest
about what
we are willing
to do
be kind
to our current

and see
if the things
we are wanting
are the things
we imagine
will make us
finally feel
at peace
like we can finally
stop all the
striving and driving

not needing
it all be to be different
and better
and more
and more
might be just
what we’ve been
searching for

❤️ emily joy rosen

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