beliefs drive behavior
what we believe
will determine the choices we make
most of what i see in the health, wellness
and personal development space
is people trying to drive behavior
with behavior

if this is the game you are playing
you’re not getting it

trying to get someone to do something
by telling them to do something else
is insanity

and it’s why, despite the vast amount of nutritional
and personal growth information out there,
people are getting sicker
and crazier

and i sincerely believe
the only way it’s going to get better
is if we change what we believe

and the only way to do that
is with consciousness
and the only way to understand that
is to be more conscious
and the only way to do that
is to wake up

start waking up, please

and the way to do that
is to pay attention impeccably
and to ask questions
lots of questions
because as far as i can tell
curiosity is the gateway
to breaking free

we are not paying attention my friends

you know that spark inside you,
the burning yearning desire for something?
if you have that —
you are one of the lucky ones

those of us still with dreams
are the fortunate ones
so please do not take it lightly
if you feel inspired
and still yearn

let’s get real for a minute please…

do you think someone who has been repeatedly abused
who lives in fear and self loathing
is going to be convinced to take care of themselves
so that they can live longer?
or look hot in a bikini?

do you think that is a reasonable argument,
for someone who is terrified of looking sexy
because they had their innocence taken from them

or for someone who wouldn’t mind dying
because most days it just feels too hard
and they are haunted by their memories

we are not talking to people
like they’re real live breathing beings

we are not acknowledging our humanity
as we offer people tips and tricks
and put band-aids on open wounds
it’s nothing short of insanity,
we are talking in circles here
my friends

we’ve got to start paying attention
and we’ve got to start fighting for something

and if you can’t,
if when you go inside you feel empty
remember what made you that way
figure that out

find that thing that took you
so out of the game
that you could do the things
you know are now killing you
while not feeling a thing

and make that your enemy
not yourself
it’s a fascinating tendency of us humans
to turn on self when attacked by others
or disillusioned by something

instead, make the thing
that took the ability to feel
from you
a reason to fight

fight for the light
maybe not because you are altruistic
or even because you care,
but because you haven’t got anything left to lose

and here is what i can tell you might happen
if you become a warrior
for that which is good and true
you will eventually become it too
it will change you
because we are changed
by what we repeatedly do

the way we play the game
is everything

we have been taught that
“it’s a means to an end”
is an appropriate excuse for a life
adorned with lies
when this is, in fact
one of the biggest fallacies
we have been sold

the journey
always, always,
always informs the destination

and if you choose to believe this
i promise your life will unfold differently

because you will no longer sacrifice
what you know to be true
you will no longer sacrifice you
to make something happen
or to get someone to do something for you

if you want things to look differently
make them different
in and around you

if you want freedom
free yourself

if you want peace
be peaceful with those around you

if you want community
create it

if you want love
be it

this is how we transform
from what i can see

this, my friends
is how we get healthy
truly healthy
not just manipulate our bodies
and spout ungrounded spiritual teachings

this is what i need to remind myself of daily
because i am quick to lose my way
i admit, i love sparkles and sweet nothings
i am easily seduced and find comfort in pretending
but i know now
this is its own version of sickness
and while it might make me feel good
for a an instant
nothing feels as good
as knowing
i am no longer willing
to lie
because it’s soothing

i’m just truly no longer willing
to stay sleeping
or to put others to sleep
so they will buy from me

may you learn to pay attention
to all the places
they hook you
may you learn to trust
your knowing
over the voices of others
may you reclaim your mind
so when someone comes stomping through
with their filthy feet
you can say easily
no thank you
that is not
for me

❤️ emily joy rosen

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