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Topics can include all aspects of business development - whatever’s up for you in this moment, from the macro to the granular. We can look at:


Creating Social Influence Clarifying Your Unique Perspecive Using Authentic Storytelling to Grow Your Brand


Creating New Profit Centers Redesigning Your Offerings Streamlining Your Ops Systems Building Your Dream Team  


Social Media Strategy Content Distribution Initiatives Creating High Touch Sales Processes Funnel Design/Optimization 

Or ask me any questions you can think of… I love a challenge!

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Setting your Elevate Your Impact ssion is easy! Simply follow the steps below to claim your spot on my calendar. I look forward to helping you take your business to a whole new level!

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Reserve your spot by pre-paying for your session. Each Elevate Your Influence session costs $1000. Once your payment processes, I'll send you a link to select a date and time.

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Once approved, you’ll get a pre-session intake form that I will need you to complete no later than 72 hours before your session so I can audit your business and understand your top questions and concerns before our time together.  

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At the scheduled time, we’ll meet virtually via phone or Skype. This is an intensive 60 minute session where we will drill down into your current business needs and determine where we can optimize immediately. 

Take Action

You’ll leave with clarity and a plan of action. No fluff. I am known for my directness, so you can trust me to be honest and to the point. Our time together is all about getting a fresh set of eyes on your business and making a real and immediate difference.

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What Others Have To Say 

JJ Virgin

Emily is a true wizard in digital marketing - I am always blown away by the pearls she drops whenever I talk to her. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, you’ve found the one to help you do that!  

JJ Virgin, Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert, Author of the NYT bestsellers The Virgin Diet & The Sugar Impact Diet

Michael Breus

Emily is a get to the point kind of person, much like her consulting advice. She has tremendous knowledge and experience in the world of Internet consulting, marketing, and affiliate relationships. She has been instrumental in developing some of the most successful brands on the Internet, based on very difficult demographics. She is strategic, insightful, ethical and understands the minds of those on the other side of her stories. In addition, she is a smart business person who loves to identify inefficiencies in your business. You know the awesome feeling you get when you reach into your pocket and find an extra 100 bucks you didn’t know you had? That’s Emily Rosen.  

Michael Breus, The Sleep Doctor, Best Selling Author, Psychologist, Clinical Advisor to The Dr. Oz Show

Yuri Elkaim

When I seek out business advice, I look to people who've walked the path and enjoyed great success. Emily is one such person. Not only is she an amazing human being, but her cunning business acumen is scary good. Spend a few hours with her and your mind will be blown by what she knows - all as a result of building a wildly successful health business and continually investing in herself and her growth. She's easily one of the sharpest minds when it comes to social media, customer acquisition, systems and operations, and building a raving fan and customer base.  

Yuri Elkaim, Founder of Healthpreneur, New York Times Bestselling Author of The All-Day Energy Diet

Jesse Elder

In a sea of polished rhinestones, Emily Rosen is a genuine jewel. I've had the honor and fortune of seeing Emily's genius in action at some of the highest-level masterminds and think tanks, and have directly applied what I've learned from her in my own strategies with remarkable results. When it comes to social media engagement (and actually CONNECTING with your audience), Emily's insight is not simply valuable - it's foolish NOT to have. Beyond her business savvy is a deep wisdom that, if you ever have the opportunity to absorb, will leave you transformed. I give her credit for helping me gain much-needed clarity around some particularly challenging issues. The subtle, visceral shifts she's capable of facilitating so elegantly are the stuff that consultants dream of... but so few can actually pull off. If you want to drive sales without selling your soul, and if you can get past what I know will be a very long line of applicants, call Emily. Your conscience, your clients and your bottom line will thank you.  

Jesse Elder, Personal Development Entrepreneur

Michael Wentz

Emily has a unique way of taking complicated, unfamiliar business problems—the kind that put you in “paralysis by analysis”—and reframing them into actionable next steps. She's really amazing at looking at the fundamental issues that plague most companies, seeing the different possibilities and variations that can occur, and envisioning a path to help you scale simply and efficiently. Whether it be social media, operations, team building, content, copy, lead generation, project management, launches, design, or tech, she's experienced it all. She is absolutely phenomenal when it comes to advising and consulting entrepreneurs on how to build a sustainable (and a profitable) business that is in alignment with your vision. I highly recommend Emily to anyone who wants a faster track to success in the growth of their business!  

Michael Wentz, Co-Founder, The Thyroid Pharmacist 

Nicholas Kusmich

Emily is a marketing savant. She understands not only the technical aspects of marketing but the subtle nuances that cause people to respond. She built a successful business, brand and following and is closely followed when it comes to marketing, branding and social media strategy.  

Nicholas Kusmich, CEO of H2H Media Group, and the World’s Highest ROIing Facebook Ads Strategist

Michelle Long

Emily is probably one of the most brilliant people I have ever met in my life. Her brilliance extends beyond measure. She has an ability to quickly see the big picture and future for your business and then the strategy and path to get you there. She is futuristic in the way that she sees what's relevant and has a finger on the pulse of business before the rest of us get there. She is the queen of social media strategy, online community building, and operations. She approaches business from a place of vulnerability, heart, and sincerity that is hard to find. Emily is someone who I trust implicitly with my business and will forever lean on for her wisdom and advice.  

Michelle Long, MA, Founder of The Practice and Bloom Retreat, Women’s Empowerment Leader

Michael Fishman

Emily is one of the sharpest and most admired CEOs in the online education community. To have her attention and insight on a specific challenge or goal in your business would be a clear win.  

Michael Fishman, Consultant on Advising and Investing for B2C Health Content and Products

Andrea Nakayama

Whenever I see Emily Rosen, I tell her that she’s the smartest person I know, and it’s true. Emily has mastered the art of compassionate and meaningful marketing, honing in on the synergy between personal branding, messaging, and the needs of her audience. When I learn something new about marketing from the experts, I’m no longer surprised that Emily is already doing it - and more successfully than anybody else I’ve witnessed. Emily is lightyears ahead of the competition in that she’s single-handedly established the social media and marketing strategies for more than one profitable and celebrated brand. Time and again, I’m in awe.  

Andrea Nakayama, Functional Nutritionist, Founder and CEO of Replenish PDX and Holistic Nutrition Lab

Michael Yang

In the world of marketing, consulting and the Internet, it is truly challenging to find genuine talent. Perhaps harder still is to find a consultant with great ethics and commitment. In Emily you have both. Couple insight with personal hands-on experience and you have a powerful ally - and that is exactly what you have here. Did I mention the delightful sense of humor? Never underestimate a partner that can make you laugh when the stress-o-meter is at 11 out of 10! A boon to clients; you'd be a fool not to work with her.  

Michael Yang, Owner, Pacific Medical Group

Jamie Masters

Emily is one of the most brilliant minds in business I know (and I've interviewed over 400 millionaires in business). She has a creative yet extremely analytical mind, which is rare. If you get the chance to work with her, take it.  

Jaime Masters, Best Selling Author, Renowned Podcaster, and Creator of The Eventual Millionaire

Renee Airya

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 25 years and have attended several very high level groups. Emily’s brilliant marketing mind stands out as one of the most effective I’ve encountered. She is sharp, attuned, and has her pulse on what really works in community building, brand voice and long-term business stability. I can honestly say she is the first person I turn to if I am utterly confused or if I need a simple tweak that creates a monumental shift.  

Renee Airya, Founder & CEO RARE Media, Partner @ Artists for Addicts 

Akira Chan

I’ve had the honor of producing over a hundred videos with Emily Rosen, and witnessing her incredible leadership in action. Emily has a winning combination of high standards, access to creativity, and business intelligence that produces results - and she’s a joy to be around. She’s one of those rare entrepreneurs who has command over both sides of her brain - and the ability to articulate it with honesty and clarity, which makes her one of the first people I seek when it comes to having hard conversations or navigating unique challenges. She simply shoots straight from the heart. She is an effortless giver, and wastes little of the vast amount of knowledge she has around health, psychology, business, strategy, you name it. She never skips a beat when it comes to sharing her opinion - an opinion that I’ve come to trust as honest, thoughtful, and real. To do anything with Emily is to do it with passion and results, and I’m honored to know her.  

Akira Chan, Founder of Rare Media, Acclaimed Videographer, Artist, Partner in Artists for Addicts

Jennifer Kem

Emily is seriously - a genius. Her sharp strategic eye paired with quick wit makes her my go-to whenever I want to unpack a business problem or mastermind an idea to come to life.  

Jennifer Kem, Owner/Creator of KemComm Media Group, Master Brand Consultant and Business Strategist

Kelly Notaras

What a stroke of luck that any entrepreneur should find themselves in the presence of Ms. Emily Rosen! From Facebook to lists to launches to online courses, she's the woman I turn to first when it comes to upleveling my marketing strategy. A few minutes on the phone with her and suddenly there's clarity where confusion used to reign. The hardest part is taking notes fast enough to catch all of the gems flowing out of her! She intuitively knows the the next step I need to take, and gives me the tough love I need to avoid making mistakes. In short, I can't recommend Emily highly enough. She will school you in all the right ways (and sometimes make you laugh so hard you spit out your coffee).  

Kelly Notaras, Owner of KN Literary Arts Agency, Editorial and Publishing Consultant to Best Selling Authors

Natalie MacNeill

Emily is one of the most brilliant business strategists I know. Her knowledge is rooted at a depth that can only be reached through years of experience implementing and achieving extraordinary results. If you have an opportunity to work with her, do it.  

Natalie MacNeil, Emmy Award-Winning Media Entrepreneur and Creator of shetakesontheworld.com

Alexi Panos

Emily Rosen is a POWERHOUSE. The level of intelligence, innovation, skills and ability to bridge the gap in business and branding is truly remarkable. Her no-nonsense approach cuts through the BS and gets straight down to what needs to happen to improve your business and scale your impact in the digital space. I would HIGHLY recommend working with Emily if you're ready to take your business to new heights!  

Alexi Panos, Founder of Soul School, The Bridge Method and E.P.I.C. (Everyday People Initiating Change), Transformational Thought Leader and YouTube Sensation

Tyler Bramlett

BAM...We've been in digital marketing for 4 years now and one of the hardest things for us was trying to figure out how to marry our content strategy with our marketing strategy. After all... I believe that in the near future, most businesses that don't give genuine free value through their brand will fail! So... I spent 30 minutes on a call with Emily going over a specific strategy to elevate the value of our brand through social media marketing, and to be honest... I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner, as I would have saved weeks of time and many, many thousands of dollars! We even executed one strategy the day after our call and had one of our videos get viewed 73,000 times! Bottom line is… If you want to develop a legitimate brand that has a deep connection with its prospects and customers, you need to have a great content strategy. And as we all know, when you learn from the best, you'll save valuable time, money and energy, and your results will double what you could come up with on your own. I believe Emily is one of the best in the world at this, and the results speak for themselves!  

Tyler J. Bramlett, CEO of Warrior Media Inc, Fitness and Health Entrepreneur 

Christina Rasmussen

Emily's ability to create momentum in a business, write words that go beyond marketing or copy, and bring forth a body of work to the world is truly magnificent. Not only that, but her presence in social media generates connection and value unparalleled to anything I have witnessed before. She does all of this so effortlessly, as if this is a way of life and not work. It has been an honor to witness her magic.  

Christina Rasmussen, Founder of Second Firsts, Life Starters, and Best Selling Author

Chandler Bolt

Emily is an extremely smart marketer and business woman. Every time we get together, I learn something new. She constantly surprises me with how much she knows about running a successful multi-million-dollar company. Most importantly, I'm impressed with how she backs everything up with numbers, data, and past experience - not opinion or theory. She's the real deal.  

Chandler Bolt, Founder & CEO at Self Publishing School, Entrepreneur, 6-Time Best Selling Author

Emily is a genius. The depth of her understanding of marketing is second to none. It's obvious in the crazy following she's built with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Bring her any marketing problem and she'll have a unique way of solving it. Not pie-in-the-sky ideas, but solutions based on real world experience from scaling her business.  

Andy Drish, CEO, The Foundation

Jeff C. Hays

Emily Rosen is funny! It was what attracted me to her in friendship, and in business. I’ve been able to hear her present several times. She knows her stuff, and she presents it in such a way that everyone in the room just “gets it.” But lots of people know their stuff. Emily can think on her feet, and approaches difficult topics with humor, grace, and most of all, depth - a level of depth that you can’t get to without rich experience and real intelligence. I love to learn from her.  

Jeff C. Hays, Film Producer

Lisa Fabrega

What's special about Emily is that she is a visionary and a futurist entrepreneur. The way she goes about diagnosing a problem and solving it is unlike anything I've seen. Her ideas are innovative and wildly successful, and I always see someone's eyes light up when she provides her thoughts on any aspect of their business--marketing, branding, social media strategy or operational efficiency. She is a creative force to be reckoned with. Her sharp mind and laser vision can see through any issue you might have in your business and come up with a brilliant and fast solution.  

Lisa Fabrega, CEO of LisaFabrega.com

In numerous closed-doors masterminds within the marketing space, I’ve consistently seen Emily show up as a business sage whose formidable talents include being able to generate breakthrough business strategies and provide leadership. She’s always uncompromising in her integrity and has an uncanny ability to spot opportunity and turn it into success.  

Travis Houston, Product Launchr

Scott Rewick

Very few people have the online marketing knowledge and skills that Emily possesses. Her deep understanding of the health and wellness space is something that I've respected and relied upon since I've known her. The online marketing world changes at a breathless pace. Emily has always had her finger on the pulse of this world, and it's for that reason that I consider her an expert. I can't recommend her enough.  

Scott Rewick, Co-Founder and President of Lexicon Digital Media Group 

Alexis Neely

Emily has done the personal and business work necessary to fully support you in the development and growth of your marketing, branding and operations. She's experienced, proven and dedicated. I know very few people who combine the range of intellect, creativity and directness that Emily possesses. If you have the opportunity to receive her support in your expansion, I strongly recommend you get in on whatever she has available.  

Alexis Neely, Serial Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Business Strategist

Clay Hebert

The world of consulting and coaching is filled with people who just repeat tired tactics and antiquated aphorisms. Emily is the opposite. She's a real strategic advisor whose clear and direct advice works, because she's battle-tested it on her own business or with her clients. Having run almost every role in the 7-figure businesses she’s built, Emily hasn’t just seen it all, she’s done it all. She’s the perfect combination of experience, brains and honesty. I can’t recommend her highly enough.  

Clay Hebert, Founder, Clarity and Growth

Jimmi Sparling

Emily is ALWAYS one of the smartest people in a room. Without fail, she provides detailed and concrete ways to improve nearly any situation. I've enjoyed getting to know her over the last year and her insights never cease to fill my pages with notes and ideas for implementation.

Jimmi Sparling, Professional Wakesurfer and Nutrition Entrepreneur 

Briana Borten

Emily is one of the smartest and wisest (and yes, those are different things) business minds I've ever encountered. She has given me invaluable advice that has saved me money, heartache, and time. I've also seen her help countless other people's businesses in huge ways in a matter of 45 minutes. She also has heart and soul that round out her advice. She immediately sees the landscape of a business and doesn't give cookie-cutter advice, but strategy to help actually move the unique business forward toward its goals. I think that anyone who has the opportunity to work with Emily one-on-one or in a group situation is incredibly lucky. I have zero doubt that they will gain more from their coaching with her than they would through any other means of trying to grow their business.  

Briana Borten, Founder and CEO, The Dragontree Spas

Izabella Wentz

I've had the pleasure of participating in almost a dozen high level masterminds with Emily over the last few years. I'm always amazed and impressed at her understanding and mastery of the latest and most worthwhile marketing, branding, social media and operational strategies and tactics. I can say firsthand that Emily’s wealth of knowledge can significantly shorten your learning curve in meeting your business goals!  

Dr. Izabella Wentz, New York Times Bestselling Author, Founder of The Thyroid Pharmacist

Pedram Shojai

Emily is a serious person who knows her stuff. In a world of talkers, it is refreshing to see someone who can execute masterfully.  

Pedram Shojai, New York Times Bestselling Author, Founder and CEO of Well.org

David Gonzalez

Emily Rosen is a genius. But not because I say so... because her results do. And because I've personally seen her outshine big-name multi-millionaire gurus in private masterminds. I am known as a superconnector in the digital marketing industry, so I get invited to a ton of masterminds and have the privilege of seeing the gurus and leaders in our industry asking for help, and I can say this after being in multiple closed-door meetings: I thought she was *just* good at social media and vulnerability writing that attracts tens of thousands of followers - and running her Institute, of course - but I soon learned that she brought so much more to the table. Her understanding of the intricacies of running an online business far transcend the social media maven she is... she excels at email marketing, content marketing, overall online business strategy, joint ventures, and a ton more. I'd totally hire Emily as a coach or mentor in running my online business.  

David Gonzalez, Founder, Simply the Coolest LLC

Carey Peters

Emily Rosen is the BOMB. I’ve had the good fortune to be a colleague of Emily’s for almost 8 years now, and with every year that passes I’m more and more impressed with her level of competency, skill, capability, insight and accomplishment. Emily has built an incredible education company and a powerful personal brand, and every time I get to spend time with her at trainings and events I bend her ear as much as I can to help me with my business. She is a person of integrity, heart and deep purpose. If you’re considering working with Emily to jumpstart your marketing, branding, social media strategy or overall operational efficiency, stop considering it and just do it. You’ll be thrilled you did!  

Carey Peters, Co-Founder, Health Coach Institute

Rene Rodriguez

I initially heard about Emily’s work through colleagues and started following her on social media. As a branding and social media strategist, she’s clearly defined herself as a thought leader and subject-matter expert in her field. I finally had the pleasure of meeting her in person at a business conference in Austin a few years ago. (She’s the insider insiders go to for help.) We started up a friendship and she eventually consulted for me on operational efficiency for one of my startups, to great success. Emily’s superpower is taking the complex and making it look simple. An expert in behavioral psychology, she’s a powerful, results-oriented leader who brings immediate value with each interaction. I highly recommend Emily’s services for your organization.  

René Rodriguez, Investor and Entrepreneur

Bree Argetsinger

I have tremendous respect for the way Emily Rosen delivers an authentic message to her audience, and is able to put out such a massive amount of content. She has created amazing systems that allow the content work to flow around her so she can focus on her special genius, which is fostering personal development for her followers and creatively driving the brand. She has a deep understanding for the art of connection and communication on multiple levels and I've gained tremendous insight in our conversations about why doing business this way is so essential in the current marketplace. We are in a world that values authenticity, seeks deeper connections and needs to feel hope - and Emily knows how to deliver this along the path to delivering real results.  

Bree Argetsinger, Head Ninja, The Betty Rocker, Inc.

Emily LaFave Olson

Emily's knowledge and skills as a digital marketer are comprehensive and nearly second nature to her. It's rare to find someone who can operate both at the highest level of strategy, with proficiency in the full marketing cycle, while also being able to tactically execute at every level. She moves incredibly fast, and upholds her team to the highest standards. Highly recommended.  

Emily LaFave Olson, Co-Founder at Din, Co-Founder at Foodzie


A Little About Me 

From private practice, to corporate leadership, to building one of the most successful Health and Wellness educational brands from the ground up, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to fine-tune my skills in marketing, branding, curriculum development, product launches, team building, and streamlining operational systems. My passion for understanding why humans do what they do led me to first study psychology, then consumer behavior, messaging and marketing. This means I bring a unique skill set to my clients who are looking to stand out in an often crowded marketplace. I understand not only the need for creative positioning to garner attention, but also the technical aspects of amplifying distribution.  

I specialize in social media marketing and have built numerous social media channels that now reach over a million people each week. And these channels not only inspire, educate, inform, and spread awareness - they also sell products and services.  

I’ve designed, launched, and sold high price point offerings entirely online, executing many 7-figure launches. And I also have extensive experience with lower price point consumer products being sold at scale. In the expert space, I’ve supported many thought leaders in everything from designing new profit centers; to creative content marketing strategies; to New York Time Best Selling book launches; to email marketing best practices; to funnel optimization; to turning knowledge, communities, and attention into cash. Building the Institute for the Psychology of Eating from the ground up gave me 7 years of experience in streamlining operations, building teams and designing efficient systems.  

But perhaps most importantly, I care.  

I care about you and the people you’re serving. I’ve had the pleasure of making millions with integrity, through companies where people feel truly taken care of, and where we never lose sight of the fact that each follower and customer is a human being. And I get the frustration, stress and burn-out that can come from trying to build a business without the appropriate support. I personally didn’t reach out for help for years - but when I did, things truly started to take off. There’s nothing like having someone who’s been where you are, supporting you in getting where you want to go.  

So if I can help you in any way, let’s talk! If you’re struggling or wanting to improve in any of the ways I outline above, let’s connect. I don’t need to do this; I want to, because I hate seeing so many people waste time and money needlessly. I’ve been in the trenches for the last 15 years, and I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you.

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Impact?