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Digestion Begins in the Mind

Most people think digestion begins with the first bite. But in fact, if you’re really paying attention, you’ll notice that the body starts preparing for digestion long before that morsel crosses your lips. The process actually begins at the first sight, the first smell, or even the first thought of food! Though we’re used to thinking of digestion as a winding but direct path from the mouth to the south, several key aspects take place in an organ that never even touches your meal — the brain. The cephalic or “head” phase digestive response is a well-studied but under-appreciated aspect of human biology, and if you’re interested in maximizing your metabolic potential, you’ll definitely want to find out more. In to this eye-opening new video from #IPEtv, I’ll share some fascinating insights about the hidden role of the brain in digestion. What you learn will surprise you!

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