i am not the woman
you want me to be
i find your unspoken agenda
you think i don’t see through you
how can you flatter
and insult me simultaneously?

you think my half articulated smile
is for you
and that i am flirting with you
but really, it’s because
i can already feel
your memories
inside of me

i can already see
how you will shatter me
and how i will bend
and eventually break for you
because i have been with you before
a thousand times
and though i know how this will end
i also know
i will try again

because i love to love hard
in ways that consume everything
i love when feeling takes over me
and reality shifts permanently
because you got behind my eyes
and between my thighs
this is just how we break you see
you and me

and no one who lives practically
would understand
how we live on possibility
and stories of how it used to be
i would throw it all away for you
but i know i will never have to
because you will leave
as they always do
in the night as the heat rises

and we know
this is the kind of love
that would make the mundane

❤️ emily joy rosen

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