i often find myself wishing for more consistency (i somehow seem to associate that with my favorite thing: safety). i used to think that i would find peace when things would just stop changing so much (sameness seems so comforting to me, surprises scary, i mean really i don’t know what i don’t know). i used to think something was wrong with me because my life felt like a roller coaster ride (with twists and turns, ups and downs i never could see coming, no matter how much planning or making perfect i attempted to do). i used to think if i could just get it together and do better and be better, i would be able to control the ebbs and flows (this by the way did not make me very happy, rather uptight and kinda crazy). trying to control the uncontrollable is exhausting, not to mention demoralizing (i mean you are guaranteed to fail and that doesn’t much feel good, especially on repeat). suffering comes effortlessly when we resist what we cannot make different. seems to me that life is always asking us to increase flexibility (after all it is not so much the strongest that thrive, rather it tends to be the most stretchable, the most supple). a practice in softness as strength. this is such an exquisite reminder to welcome it all, to see the beauty in it all, a reminder of a sweeter, more graceful way to move through the world (appreciating everything)…

❤️ emily joy rosen

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