i used to bag groceries at whole foods
i had just graduated college with a degree in fine arts
from the rhode island school of design
i remember so many of my peers from school who i thought were cool, so cool,
leisurely hanging out outside of whole foods eating their organic meals, while i collected the carts from the parking lot
i would be pushing 15 or more at a time, chasing the runaway ones around the parking lot, all while wearing the required full body apron
i was embarrassed
they would laugh, and i always thought it was at me
but here’s the thing:
i actually enjoyed my job
having structure
being busy
having the consistency during that time of my life was very important
i was self-destructing and the only way i knew to find balance was to fill my days, to stay busy
yogi bhajann said that he reached enlightenment not by mediating.
but by mopping the floors
and i have reminded myself of that everyday since my mom shard this with me
when work feels monotonous or tedious
i remind myself the importance of consistent action
i am not so much seeking enlightenment (though that would be nice)
i am seeking peace
within myself
and in the world around me
some days i feel far from it
my world can feel chaotic and overwhelming a lot of the times
things break and go awry everyday
but i find my responses have become slower and steadier
my heart less likely to jump
my jaw slowly unclenching
and clarity as to what i value and respect is gently unfolding

no job is too small to put your heart into it
no one person is better than another based on the work they do
do everything as if it matters (it does)
strive for excellence in everything you do
never settle for a life that doesn’t feel like it is yours
trust yourself
you know
you always know
you always knew

❤️ emily joy rosen

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