i wish i had more love stories
i wish i had given more
i wish i had played in the ways the other girls played
i was an observer mostly
i suppose that is why i prefer writing
and sharing online
it’s a match for how i experience reality

sometimes in the light
the brightness of a room
i cannot see you
i only see fragmented memories
and feel you coming at me

i wish it didn’t trigger me
but it does
my body knows
my heart feels
and my spirit writes stories
so you know who i am

a girl who was once an echo
i now breathe fire into everything
i have never been one to stand the middle ground
i don’t know what it’s like to be neutral
i have no interest in balance
and i find our obsession with comfort

i like the little ways
we dance and play
behind the words
saying so much
with parted lips
and eyes that forgot how to cry

i like tastes of innocence
in unexpected moments
where we realize
we have both been posturing
and the game got boring
and i melt into you

it’s then, and only then
you remember
how it feels to love
with such abandon
and i don’t care
how far we have to fall
because i know
what it took to climb this high
and we know the strength
it took to surrender so complete

and that,
that i will always have
long after he leaves
and this becomes
another story
of how i loved you

❤️ emily joy rosen

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