it is how we learn. forgiveness isn’t the easiest for me. understanding, sure, yes (that i can do) but forgiving (especially myself) i struggle with (almost daily). i often find myself wishing i had done something differently. i often find myself resisting reality. intent matters to me. until recently, i felt certain that intent mattered more than impact (to me) but today i am not so sure. today back in bed at 2:33pm i am just not so sure. tired i am and when tired i feel the weight of this responsibility. horrendous mistakes and love most true. these are the things we (humans) give and do. at least i know (unequivocally) i never (ever) meant to hurt you and i am (finally) learning to choose people who i trust mean good. mistakes vs intent to harm. careless vs wanting pain. reckless vs choosing cruel. this is what i track for (these days). this is what matters most to me. because inevitably we will harm and be harmed. an organ and a blade…

❤️ emily joy rosen

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