Some days I feel trapped
by my responsibilities
Other days I feel guilty
for feeling anything but incredibly grateful

Freedom is a topic of much interest to me
And I know it means completely different things
depending on your lived reality
There are those in prison for crimes,
those condemned for what they believe
or the race they were born into
and there are those imprisoned
by their own mind

Living in the USA in Boulder, Colorado
a white woman with money
I experience a specific kind of privilege
a vast majority of the world will never know
And yet I often feel unfree

I have been looking at this faithfully
One thing I believe
is that how we choose to live our lives
has impact
far greater than I have previously understood
I used to think personal development
was for narcissists
who just wanted to talk about themselves
all the time

But I am abundantly clear now
that it always starts with me
And working on oneself is key
I cannot expect the world
or those around me
to become something
I am not willing to embody myself
I cannot preach
about the importance of open communication
and shut down in the face
of challenging conversations
I cannot ask those around me
to speak openly
while I hide what’s in my heart
I cannot talk about the significance of peace
and wage war internally
It doesn’t make sense anymore
it really never did
I was just numb and naive
And I wanted to believe
that it was the world around me
that was a mess
not me

But the war was in me,
sometimes still is
And it’s my responsibility to live
in a way that reflects my values, daily
So if you are a crusader for freedom
and preach about what you want done differently —
make your existence reflect that with every breath

Make your very existence
the act of rebellion
you crave

I have read many stories
of people who have endured the unspeakable
I am deeply moved by the work of Viktor Frankl
A man who was imprisoned
in concentration camps for 3 years
who said this:

“Everything can be taken from a man
but one thing:
the last of the human freedoms –
to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances,
to choose one’s own way”

I cannot begin to imagine
what it be like to endure what he did
And I don’t know what I would do,
but it certainly puts things in perspective for me

So while I still might feel trapped
from time to time
I know that is coming from me
I know that it’s a choice
and I can always and forever
at the very least
choose how I want to experience myself
in this ever changing reality

May you rebel

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