my world is getting smaller
and i don’t mind

the slivers of yesterdays
that pierce through my shades
in yet another strange hotel room
remind me where i came from
and i giggle knowing
that me ten years ago
would have never believed
this would be my reality

i can’t think of anything
that has turned out
the way i planned
and so i suppose
that’s why i stopped planning
a long time ago

but these days
questions about the future
haunt me
and i find myself wishing
i had a map to guide me

but i know myself
and i have no sense of direction
not to mention i have always been horrible
at following instructions
so i spend a lot of time
under the sheets
in self imposed darkness
waiting for something to grab me

the only thing i know
is that i know when i know
and i know right now
i do not know
much of anything

and while this may seem melancholy
and yes, i can certainly feel
the heaviness in me
i am not so worried

because my world
is getting smaller
and that is perfectly alright
with me

❤️emily joy rosen

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