nope, i will not. no thank you. we live in a world with so many people telling us what to do, what to believe and who and how to be. claiming (reclaiming) your mind (seems to me) to be the key to personal empowerment (a freedom most true). it is a valuable practice (i find) to look at your beliefs and decide if they are serving you (if they are sincerely ones you wish to hold) and if you (even) still believe them (really truly, do you?). it’s a choice (it’s always a choice). we choose (you choose). oh and please, please do not let anyone walk through your mind with their silent agendas, stupid manipulations and oh so dirty feet. master your mind (and maybe your life too). ah yes, self mastery (what more could a girl want, really). so i guess the question then is, is it time to do some internal housekeeping? let’s get our hands dirty (then clean) please…

❤️ emily joy rosen

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