over the years, i have gotten a fair amount of criticism for sharing so openly. i have been called needy, whiny, desperate, depressing, and just plain inappropriate. so i get why we swallow our truth and hide our feelings. i understand (intimately) why it can feel so remarkably scary to share what is true. and i also know (all too well) what it is like to self suppress (i did it fervently for most of my twenties). and it cost me greatly, as i imagine it is costing you. it’s heartbreaking to see so much (needless) suffering created by self suffocation. all the ways we choke out (smother and drown out) what wants to come through are (ultimately) acts of violence against self. we were not given a voice to have it strangled out. so please don’t be the one doing the stifling (not to yourself or others for that matter). open your mouth, love, yes you. and sure (yes), you may lose (alienate) a few people who fell in love with this (sweetly silent) version of you. but you might find something far more rewarding…you. you might just find yourself (and those that love truly you).

❤️ emily joy rosen

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