sensitivity is a gift (not a curse) and while at times it might mean you feel pain (and more of it) sometimes pain is simply the most appropriate response (to a world layered with illusions). we’re taught to avoid discomfort (at all cost) instead of how to be with it. we’re taught vulnerability is weakness instead of a demonstration of courage. we are told we are not enough (never quite lovable as we are) instead of how incredibly precious our uniqueness is. and we’re taught to numb the hurt instead of how to get to the source of it. pain (as far as i can tell) is here to teach us, speak to us, open us and remind us of what needs our attention (our tender care). so please don’t shut down. instead (maybe) step up (and out), get curious, be fierce, stay gentle, and love hard (love recklessly hard) please. because as far as i can tell we need more sensitivity (more understanding, more feeling, more consciousness) not less. oh and i do hope you do celebrate if you are a terribly real thing in a terribly false world. real is the new black (haven’t you heard). and i am pretty sure it is the very best thing one can be (really real).

❤️ emily joy rosen

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