this girl
senior year of college
so certain and so scared
from 4 -20 years old i was clear i wanted to be a fine artist
i was a woman on a mission
i drew, painted, and created daily
even in high school when my peers were heading to parties,
i was taking the train to boston to go to the museum of fine arts
my mom had been taking me there since i was a little girl
to copy famous paintings
it was my happy place
heading to college i was committed,
i was determined
and full of so many hopes and dreams
but while at art school, things changed
the joy started to leave me,
the critiques ate away at my confidence,
i got sick,
and i lost my way
i stopped making art the day i graduated
it took me years to put pencil to paper again
and i learned, painfully, how incredibly important creativity is to me,
how vital creating is for me
these days, i see the art in everything
and while i wish i had more time to play
i choose to see the business i am crafting as a form of artistry
the mediums are different,
the results are different,
but the heart is the same
some things never change
i always wanted to make the world a little better,
and i truly hope that if you miss creating too,
that you find the time to express this precious part of you

❤️ emily joy rosen

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