time and i have an ever-changing relationship. as a little girl i was not so much interested in time (it didn’t feel like a real thing, definitely not finite and i didn’t understand why all the worrying about this thing that we couldn’t even see, it all seemed rather silly to me). in my teens i spent a lot of time wishing time would go faster (so i could get to the good stuff, so i could be more free). in my twenties i wished time would stop (i didn’t want any more time, i didn’t even want to be here (alive) much of the time). and in my thirties i find myself often wishing for more of it (there is so very much i want to do and time feels faster and faster and more and more limited each and every passing year). i wonder how i will feel about time in my forties… at the very least i plan to play with time forevermore and maybe you do too? there is so much we tend to take at face value and relate to as if it is completely true (as if it is what it is) without questioning. so i do hope that today and every day you let yourself play with time. and i hope you have lots of time for kisses, reading, music and writing. oh and may you breathe deeply through it all (breathing is the best way i have found to be with time). stop, travel, escape, feel and release…

❤️ emily joy rosen

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