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In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to find ourselves rushing through meals. In fact, we can be in such a hurry that we don’t even think to fully chew our food. And when we eat so quickly that we’re swallowing each bite without really chewing, we miss out on more than just the enjoyment of […]

Metabolism has been a hot topic for a long time now. So many people want to change their metabolism and make it faster and more powerful. But when someone says “I want to boost my metabolism,” what do they really mean? As it turns out, the term “metabolism” means different things to many different people, […]

Is happiness an inborn personality trait? Or does happiness simply come about when the right combination of circumstances appear? Sometimes happiness can seem elusive, and you might even wonder if it will ever come your way. But a number of recent studies tell a different story. The exciting truth is that we actually have a […]

Have you ever known something was bad for you, but felt compelled to go for it anyway? Maybe you had an overpowering craving for a food, and you knew it wouldn’t make you feel very good, but you just couldn’t resist the temptation. If you’ve been there – and so many of us have, at […]

So many of us experience food cravings. Sometimes these cravings seem to come out of the blue, and we suddenly find ourselves swept away by the irresistible desire to eat a particular food. Whether it’s chocolate, potato chips, cheese or bananas, it may feel like the craving is completely random. But the truth is, cravings […]

One of the most fascinating developments in the field of nutritional science in recent years has been the discovery of the enteric nervous system, known as the “gut brain” or the “brain in the belly.” Although we’re used to thinking of the brain in our head as the commander in chief of our body systems, […]

Do you remember being told as a child that you needed to finish a certain food, even though you didn’t like it, because it was “good for you”? Or maybe you’ve pushed yourself to include certain tasteless, joyless foods in your diet because you’ve heard they’ll help you lose weight or manage an unwanted symptom. […]

If you binge and purge, you may feel like you’re trapped in a cycle that you can’t get out of, no matter how hard you try. You may have exhausted yourself fighting against old patterns, only to find them taking over when your resistance is down. But no matter where you are at in your […]

Do you ever find yourself feeling uncomfortably full and realize you’ve just done it again – eaten more than you really needed? Just about everyone has experienced overeating now and then, and for some of us, it happens more often than we’d like. If you’ve struggled to break out of an overeating habit, you won’t […]

Have you ever stuck with a weight-loss diet, following its guidelines rigorously, even though you didn’t seem to be actually losing any weight? Maybe you stayed with it because your doctor prescribed it, or because it had worked for all your friends, or because the last time you tried it you lost 20 pounds. But […]

Intuitive eating has been a popular topic in the nutrition world for the past few years. Maybe you’ve heard the term and thought it sounded interesting, but you weren’t sure quite what it was, how it worked, or whether it might be helpful for you. In this new video from #IPEtv, I share five simple […]

The topic of body image and its connection to eating disorders is getting some much-deserved air time in the media these days. But if you’re paying attention to these conversations, you may have noticed that something is missing: the men. Both body image challenges and eating disorders are typically portrayed as women’s issues. Not only […]

Conventional wisdom tells us that we gain weight only when we take in more calories than we use up in our day to day activities and exercise routines. But as today’s research clearly shows, there are many more reasons why the body may hang on to unwanted excess weight, and these reasons often have more […]

These days, it’s just about impossible to turn on your computer, TV, or cell phone without hearing about another new discovery in healthy eating. Either there’s a new superfood that you need to incorporate into your diet, or a certain ingredient or chemical is being added to the “bad list.” Keeping up with the latest […]

Marc David’s classic piece, “The Eater’s Agreement,” originally appeared in the book Nourishing Wisdom in 1991. Since then, it has been used in countless college courses, community workshops, and coaching sessions, and has helped untold numbers of people come to a new, positive, empowered understanding of their relationship with food. Almost 25 years later, this […]

Do you remember learning about the digestive system back in elementary school? Maybe you tracked the progress of a bite of food from its entry through the mouth to its exit out the other end. But if your teachers gave you this classic exercise, they unwittingly sent you on a detour around the most important […]

At the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, we think it’s time to crack open a window and let some new light into the field of nutritional science. Let’s face it: focusing only on the nutritional makeup of the substances we put into our body has not healed our collective suffering around food and eating. […]

Have you struggled to keep your appetite under tight control, only to fall off the wagon and indulge in foods that weren’t part of your plan? If you’ve ever tried to follow a restricted diet, whether for weight loss or other health reasons, then you know how hard it can be to regulate the voices […]

Have you ever wished that you could get all of your daily nourishment in the form of a supplement pill? You’d never have to do dishes again, and it would be a lot easier to pack for space travel. But for better or worse, human nourishment doesn’t work that way. Research has shown beyond a […]

When was the last time you made a big change in your diet? What prompted you to try something different? Here at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, we know that there are no “one size fits all” diet recommendations. Everyone is on their own unique nutritional journey — and as with any adventure, […]

Have you ever wanted to keep eating, even though you had just finished a hearty meal? Have you ever wondered why you didn’t have the willpower to simply stop eating when you knew you’d had enough? If so, you’ve got plenty of company. The diet industry spends millions of dollars to make us think that […]

Most people think digestion begins with the first bite. But in fact, if you’re really paying attention, you’ll notice that the body starts preparing for digestion long before that morsel crosses your lips. The process actually begins at the first sight, the first smell, or even the first thought of food! Though we’re used to […]

If you’re tired of diet industry experts pushing you to buy their “revolutionary” shakes, juices, and vitamins, get ready for a breath of fresh air! I’m excited to let you know about a key nutrient that will forever change the way you burn calories, and it’s completely, 100% free — you don’t even pay shipping […]

We all know that healthy relationships require caring, compassion, and lots of good, honest communication. So, when was the last time you brought these qualities to your relationship with food? That’s right – you’ve had a relationship with food since before you were born, and you’ll be in that relationship until you leave the planet. […]

Do you eat like a ninja? Does your diet have the moves to protect you from environmental toxins? In today’s world, human-made chemicals seem to be everywhere — in the air, in the soil, and in our food. From our shampoo to our makeup to our clothes, we’re constantly covering our bodies with substances that […]

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