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What is Mind Body Nutrition

At the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, we think it’s time to crack open a window and let some new light into the field of nutritional science. Let’s face it: focusing only on the nutritional makeup of the substances we put into our body has not healed our collective suffering around food and eating. But if we expand our view to include not just what we eat, but also HOW we eat, and who we are as eaters, we can start to understand how our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, habits, and relationships all play a role in how we metabolize our food, and we can learn to make choices that truly support our health and well-being. And that’s what Mind Body Nutrition is all about. In this new video from #IPEtv, I’ll explain why we need to take a more holistic approach to eating if we really want to change things for the better. Tune in now!



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