i wish
my words
could breathe life
back into you

i see you
with your glazed-over eyes
that reading is believing
that speaking is connecting
that doing the things is living

but i know you
you don’t commit
to anything
thriving or dying
you are in between
my friend

and i wish
i could get through
to you
i wish i could
but that is up to you
yes you are gonna
have to let me in
yes you will have
to choose

and this is as much
a notice for you
as it is a reminder for me

that no matter
how hard i endeavor
how deep i will plunge
how much i am willing

this is a choice
only you can make

i know
because i had
to make it once

and i admit still
i wish to save you
but this is not how savings
of this kind work
i cannot rescue you
from you
i cannot recover you
for you

so for now
i will do what i know i can do
i put words together
sharing possibilities i see
and i sit with you
in the dark
in the dark
i sit with you

yes mostly what i can do
is be with you here
in the shadows
pointing out where
i find the bright
where i see the good
yes that i can do with you
i can be with you
as you choose

and the only thing
i ask of you
is that you



❤ Emily Joy Rosen

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Emily Rosen is the co-owner and CEO of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating where she oversees business development strategies, student affairs, marketing and public relations, and keeps a pulse on the fields of eating psychology and nutrition to ensure the Institute’s position as a leader worldwide. Emily makes things happen. Her passion for health and transformation has provided her the opportunity to speak and present internationally and be at the forefront of a new generation of women leaders committed to making a heartfelt difference in the world. Her tireless work and faithful commitment have touched the lives of millions of fans and followers worldwide.