yes, this. learned this the hard way (still learning this). simple and true, important and necessary. so vital to be clear who you are giving your time (and your heart to). not only in romantic relationships, but in friendships, business and community as well. being more intentional in my relationships has been so key (essential really). i admit i am quick to forget this one, i tend to avoid reality when it comes to people i enjoy (and find myself most focused on wanting them to like me). this, this has cost me greatly. hard to keep extending when we’re never really getting fed. nourishment comes in many forms (so yes value the different ways people contribute and bring value). and pay attention, are you being met, really? consistently when i make someone a priority who is not doing even close to the same with me, pain comes and a familiar empty feeling of having given more than i could while still feeling good. love is limitless i agree. i can love so very many people and still have more to give. but my time? my interest, my care and my availability? that doesn’t seem to be limitless (at least not for me) so i learn again (recently) to not prioritize those who are not prioritizing me (without hate, without rejection) a simple noting and letting go. there are so very many people who will choose you. choose them. and please, pretty please, trust people to be who they are. trust yourself. trust what you see, what you feel and what you want. yes that, do that please, please value yourself. if you don’t, who will?

❤️ emily joy rosen

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